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  • August 30, 2020
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Article 8- Escalators and Moving Walks Based on Utilization

Different types of escalator and moving walk considering their utilization

In this article, we intend to introduce the different types of escalators and moving walks based on utilization which is useful and practical information.

Escalators and moving walks can be installed in different buildings and locations with various usages, and are divided into two general categories:

Commercial escalators and moving walks 

As can be understood from the name, this type of escalators and moving walks are installed in commercial buildings, such as small and large shopping malls. This type of escalators and moving walks are often installed in indoor environments where there is usually normal passenger traffic. Typically, glass balustrades are selected for commercial escalators and moving walks. This type of balustrade is the most favorite amongst architects and interior designers alike. It is made of a 10-millimeter-thick tempered glass with a thin handrail, giving it a light and modern look. Aesthetics and attractiveness in the exterior covering, which is called “Outside Cladding”, is highly important in this type of escalators and moving walks. For this purpose, different types of materials such as glass, mirror, stainless steel, etc. can be used.

Infrastructure escalators and moving walks

This type of escalators and moving walks is suitable for high-traffic environments such as subway or train stations, airports, footbridges, etc. They must carry a heavy passenger load in peak times. Based on the standard, this type of escalators and moving walks have their own set of options and specifications, which enables them to operate under heavy workloads and that’s why they are called “heavy-duty”. The balustrade used for this type of escalator is usually stainless steel, which provides higher durability, making them more suitable for high-traffic situations. Based on their choice, the customer can order the inner part of the balustrade in a vertical or inclined orientation and the exterior covering must be according to standard EN 115

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