Escalator arrangement
  • December 6, 2020
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Article 6- Escalator Installation Arrangement

Different types of Escalator Installation Arrangement in a Building

In this article, we intend to describe different types of escalator arrangements in buildings, in detail.

Since escalators are considered as the main element for even distribution of passengers among the floors of any building, the suitable arrangement of them in the space of the building is of utmost importance. The Installation area of the escalator is prepared and designed based on customer needs and building usage. The different types of installation arrangements are as follows and can be chosen based on customer requirements:

Single Escalator Arrangement (One-way Traffic Flow)

Single escalator arrangement is used in small buildings and commercial centers where there is insufficient space to install two escalators beside each other to provide two-way movement or where travel in one direction is intended. In this arrangement, if the escalator is located in the center, the outside cladding would be required on both sides. However, if the escalator is installed against a wall, the outside cladding will only be needed for one side.


escalator installation- single  arrangement

Parallel/Interrupted Arrangement (Two-way Traffic Flow)

Using parallel arrangement is a bit difficult for the passengers because they have to take a rather long distance on foot to reach the next escalator to continue their travel to other floors; such a condition is called “Interrupted Arrangement”. In this arrangement, the passengers have to take a distance and pass through the determined strategic locations, which leads to an increase in the number of visits to these areas. For instance, in a commercial building like a shopping mall full of stores, when passengers are moving from one floor to another using an escalator arranged in a parallel form, by getting off the escalator, they will have to take a walk to get on the next one. This action will trigger them to view the window shops and buy the things that caught their eyes at first glance. This is how escalators are effectively and strategically arranged and designed for every building. With this type of arrangement, two escalators at the same level can be operated in the same direction during traffic peak times.


escalator installation- parallel arrangement

Scissor Arrangement       

Scissor arrangement is used in spaces where there is more available width. Also, the passenger flow is continuous and it reduces crowding at landings. The scissor arrangement is modern and attractive with a high level of efficiency.


escalator installation- scissor arrangement

Crisscross Arrangement

Crisscross arrangement has a unique advantage and that is, by adjusting the escalator’s direction of movement, it is possible to operate the escalator whether in a continuous or interrupted arrangement. The disadvantage of such an arrangement, especially in commercial centers, is that it blocks the view on the other side of the void.


escalator installation- crisscross arrangement

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