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Escalator & Moving Walk

escalator moving walk la grazia painted steel balustrade indoor


Indoor, Semi-Outdoor and Fully-Outdoor 30-degree and 35-degree

30~35 degree


Moving Walk

Indoor, Semi Outdoor and Fully Outdoor

10~12 degree


Escalator Component Gallery

About Us

La Grazia, as a knowledge-based company, is active in the field of the escalator and moving walk. The goal of establishing this company is to improve and upgrade the escalator industry to move towards a modern future. La Grazia team is constantly trying to identify the market needs to produce products that meet the discerning customers’ expectations. This company helps the future architectural masterpieces glow more than ever with reliance on its expertise, knowledge, and ingenuity. Given the rapid advancement of technology in the world and the ever-increasing importance of upgrading the quality and safety levels of mechanical products ... Read more

Escalator Technology


La Grazia has the latest technology for manufacturing different types of escalators (indoor, outdoor, and semi-outdoor) in compliance with EN-115. By having this technology, manufacturing and assembling different types of escalators is possible. La Grazia engineers and experts have accomplished the goal of designing and simulating all the escalator parts and components as 3D industrial models.

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