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Get an Escalator Drawing

In this section, you can get customized escalator drawings based on your project specifications. You will need to enter the following variables:

  • Height: Height is the difference between two building floor levels which is calculated from the finished surface level of the lower floor to the finished surface level of the upper floor.
  • AngleEscalator angle can be either 30 or 35 degrees. Obviously, the 35-degree escalators need less horizontal length compared to the 30-degree. Please note that according to standards, for heights of more than 6 meters, only the 30-degree angle can be selected.
  • Step Width: Escalator steps are made in three widths: 600 mm, 800 mm, or 1000 mm. You can choose either of the widths considering project utilization and requirements.
  • Floor Thickness (FT): Floor thickness is defined as the thickness of the upper floor.

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