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Our Mission

  • Providing Knowledge: Providing escalator, moving walk, and elevator knowledge for academics, enthusiasts, and also customers, to have a better understanding of important quality and quantity points to consider in order to make a smarter choice!
  • Value Creation: Improving our international branding position in order to achieve our place as a pioneer in the global industry
  • Innovation: Creating unique products based on the requirements of our discerning international customers.
  • Permanent Presence: Upgrading and synchronizing our product line with global needs in order to have a permanent presence in the global market.
  • Development: Expanding target markets with La Grazia members’ participation all over the world.
  • Satisfaction: Acquiring current customers’ satisfaction in order to earn the trust of future customers.
  • Improvement: Paying special attention to the R&D department and constantly improving the designs in order to achieve an equilibrium between the requirements of urban life and preserving the environment.