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  • December 13, 2020
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Article 13- Different Types of Escalator Balustrade

Balustrade Types for Escalators and Moving Walks

In this article, we intend to explain different types of escalator balustrades which can be useful and practical.

Escalators and moving walks Balustrades are divided into two categories:

Slim Balustrade

Slim-based profile balustrade is made of a 10-millimeter thick tempered glass with a height of 90 centimeters. The slim balustrade’s glass transparency gives the escalator a modern look, and it’s the reason why it is the most favorite type of balustrade amongst architects and interior designers. According to standard measurements, these glasses are manufactured in separate pieces of 1200 millimeters in length and there are no protective covers or barriers in their seams, which gives them a cleaner and more minimalistic look. The customer can also order these types of balustrades in stainless steel or a combination of glass and stainless steel. Glass balustrade is the only type to which the Balustrade illumination option can be added. The balustrade illumination is positioned beneath the handrail and gives the escalator or moving walk a more stylish look.

Solid Balustrade

The solid balustrade is normally made of stainless steel, which has higher durability, making it more suitable for infrastructure environments such as urban subway stations, airports, train stations, etc., as well as outdoor escalators and moving walks. Based on their choice, the customers can order the interior panel of the balustrade in a vertical or inclined orientation.

Extended Balustrade

Both of the above-mentioned types of balustrade can be extended when escalators and moving walks are installed in a void and there is no balustrade construction or there is a sheer drop on the sides of the escalator landings. Extended balustrades can be utilized either on the entrance, the exit, or both landings. Nonetheless, instead of using an extended balustrade, it is better to use a construction balustrade with a 90-degree static bent with sufficient length which must overlap the escalator balustrade in order to create a suitable safeguard.

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