Static Test of Moving Walk Pallet
  • August 17, 2020
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Article 24 -Static Test of Moving Walk Pallet


In our previous article we talked about static test in escalator step riser in-depth. Now, in order to complete the rest of the story regarding static testing in the current article we will be discussing everything about static test of moving walk pallet.

Pallet Deflection Test - Static Test of Moving Walk Pallet

For the pallet deflection test in a moving walkway we must apply a single perpendicular load of 7500N including weight of the plate in a pallet area of 1 m2 to the tread surface center on a steel plate (300 mm x 450 mm & at least 25 mm thickness) and the edge of the plate which is 0.45 m long must be arranged parallel to the lateral edge of the pallet.
The load for pallets with smaller or larger areas will be changed proportional to the size of the pallet and for the steel plate in the loading area the ratio of edge length must be 1:1.5.
The load cannot be less than 3000 N with weight of the plate and the plate size not smaller than 0.20 x 0.30 m (thickness min. 25 mm).
For pallets with a depth smaller than 0, 30 m the plate width must be 0, 20 m and the length of the plate must be equal to the depth of the pallet.
In this case the deflection of the tread surface must not exceed 4mm and no permanent deformation must be seen but initial tolerance settings are acceptable.
This Test must be applied to pallets with rollers (not rotating), axles and stub shafts (if existing) together in horizontal position.
New tests are not required for the installed pallet, together with the guide rails and the truss of the moving walk.
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