Static Test of Escalator Step Riser
  • August 17, 2020
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Article 23 -Static Test of Escalator Step Riser

Escalator Step Riser Deflection Test

As we explained in depth about the static test of escalator step tread surface in this article we will cover all you need to know about the static test of escalator step riser.

For the step riser deflection test we must apply a single perpendicular load of 1500 on a square or round steel plate (50 mm x 50 mm & at least 25 mm thickness) which is shaped to fit on the riser curvature .in this case the deflection of the step riser must not exceed 4mm.
The load must be applied in the center of the full height of the riser at three points (across the width of the middle and both ends) of a fully assembled step.
Do not change the direction of the applied load during the test. This Test must be applied to the step in a fixed position with axles and stub shafts (if existing). No permanent deformation must be seen but initial tolerance settings are acceptable.
If there are, insert / fixing on the step riser, we must do a separate load test and in this condition we must only apply the perpendicular load on insert / fixing itself in middle of full height of the step. The area of the load must be 50 mm by width of the inserts and fixings.


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