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Article 2- The Differences between EN-115-2008 and EN-115-2017

Differences between EN-115-2008 and EN-115-2017 - The issues and need for changes EN 115-2008 to EN 115-2017

As we mentioned in article 1, the final version of the escalator and moving walks standard is EN 115-1:2017 which was approved by the Technical Committee CEN/TC10 and superseded EN 115-1:2008+A1:2010. This version became a national standard by January 2018. All other conflicting standards were withdrawn by January 2019 and the below items are the reasons why the EN 115-2008 change to EN 115-2017:

1- Enhancing safety as proven technology upgrades

2- Creating the following changes according to the latest technology:

  • A new structure for electric requirements taking into consideration protection, safety, and control devices & functions
  • Step inserts and fixings requirements
  • Expansion of operational brakes by electrical brakes
  • Skirt test material updating
  • Inclusion of Fire protection & stop switch indicator
  • Introduction of inspection control actuated to be used by both hands
  • Introduction of two-direction mode
  • Description of barriers to prevent access of trolley
  • Requirements for fixed devices in unrestricted areas
  • Including of seismic design requirements

 3- Incorporation of essential health and safety requirements from the relevant EU Directives

4- Solving reported errors of the previous version

5- Clarification of the content and use of proposals resulting from interpretation request

6- Improvement of references to other standards according to the progress in that field

7- Adaption to CEN Guide 414:2014

If you require further information about the escalator and moving walk standard you can refer to the articles “EN 115 Escalator and moving walk standard” or “EN 115 Escalator and moving walk standard references

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