Moving walks Skirt Panel Requirements
  • January 20, 2021
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Article 30 -Escalator & Moving Walks Skirt Panel Requirements

Skirt panel standard requirements in escalators and moving walk

In this article, we intend to explain skirt panel requirements in escalators and moving walks based on the standards. So, here is what you should know about Moving Walks skirt panel requirements and also the Escalator skirt panel requirements.

The skirt panel is a vertical panel of the balustrade located beside the steps or pallets with a specific authorized lateral distance, on the entire route. The skirt panel must be flush, smooth, and butt-jointed.

The vertical distance between the top edge of the skirt panel or the bottom edge of inner decking joints or the lower edge of the skirt brush rigid base and the step nose line or the pallet tread surface must be a minimum 25 mm.

Fulfilling the Escalator & Moving Walks Skirt Panel Requirements 

We must minimize the risks and hazards of being trapped between the skirt and the steps or pallets by fulfilling the requirements below:

  • The skirt panel must be rigid enough to withstand under a single force of 1500 N at the right angles. This force must be applied to the skirt panel including lighting options and other devices (e.g. Skirt Brush), at the weakest point to the surface over a square or round area of 2500 mm2. After the test, it must not move more than 4 mm and no permanent deformation must be seen. Also, the skirt panel must withstand a force of 500N above 25 mm from the step nose or the pallet tread surface.
  • The gap between step and skirt panel must not be more than 4 mm at each side, and 7 mm for the sum of gaps measured on a straight line at both sides.
  • In moving walks when the skirt panel finishes above the pallets, the gaps between the lower edge of the skirt panel and pallet tread surface must not be more than 4 mm.
  • Installing the skirt brush as a deflector for more safety under the standard requirements is recommended.
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