Displacement of Steps
  • January 20, 2021
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Article 26 – Gaps and Displacement of Steps and Pallets

Step and Pallet Authorized Gaps And Displacement

The Step or Pallet is the part that the users stand on. Steps are horizontal and vertical plates like stairs, but pallets are horizontal pieces laid beside each other. In this article considering the standard, we intend to explain about the authorized gap and displacement of step and pallet in detail as below:

Step and Pallet Displacement

The steps on both sides in the direction of movement are surrounded by skirt panels and there is a space between them. In this space there is a possibility of trapping of fingers, shoes, clothes, etc. and to prevent such dangers the standard has a requirement for this lateral displacement. According to standard, the lateral displacement of steps or pallets tread surface to the skirt will be a maximum of 4 millimeters on one side and 7 millimeters in total on both sides.

 Also regarding to standard, the vertical displacement for steps and pallets will be a maximum of 4 millimeters.

Step and Pallet Gaps

The meaning of gap is the authorized space between two consecutive steps or pallets in the direction of movement and the standard requirements are as below:

  • * The gaps between two consecutive steps at the tread surface must be a maximum of 6 millimeters.
  • * The gap between two consecutive pallets at the tread surface without meshed front and rear edges must be a maximum of 6 millimeters in whole direction of movement.
  • * For the pallets with meshed front and rear edges, the gap must be a maximum of 6 millimeters in direction of movement and 8 millimeters in upper and lower landing transition curves.

For more information about steps pallets and their requirements we suggest you read the article “Escalator Steps & Moving walk Pallets requirements and dimensions” as well as other articles which are introduce to you below as related articles.

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