Structural Performance
  • July 29, 2020
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Article 21- Escalator Step & Moving Walk Pallet Structural Performance

During the life cycle of the escalator, the strength characteristics of the materials must be maintained under all environmental conditions (temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, corrosion). Also all components of assembled step and pallet must be completely and securely attached and not become loose during their life cycle.
When escalators and moving walks operate normally, steps or pallets must withstand all loading and distortion effects, which may be imposed by tracking, guiding and driving systems. Steps and pallets must be able to support an equally distributed load corresponding to 6,000 N/m2 (5,000 N/m2 plus an impact factor of 1/2).
To ensure the integrity of the step and pallet structure performance, two types of test are available: Static and Dynamic.
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