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  • June 29, 2020
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The Benefits of Using Inverters (VVVF) In Escalators

In escalators that have the inverter option, voltage and frequency increases gradually at a pre-defined acceleration. When the escalator switches on, the inverter provides regulated voltage to the motor and this causes a smooth movement at startup, therefore the main chains and other related components do not experience sudden forced movement and their life cycle increases significantly.
During operations, if nobody uses the escalator, the device speed will automatically decrease to 40% of the nominal speed which is called “standby mode” and when a user passes through the sensors the device speed begins to reach the nominal speed and causes a significant reduction in power consumption.
Without the inverter option, the power consumption will increase as much as three to four times during operations and at startup. Also, the effect of high acceleration in the absence of an inverter will put a tremendous strain on the device in the starting phase and cause a sudden halt when it switches off, which will in long term, increase the amount of device wear and tear drastically.
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