Escalator Steps & Moving walk Pallets
  • July 28, 2020
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Article 19- Requirements of Escalator Steps & Moving walk Pallets

The step or pallet is a part that the users stand on. A step has horizontal and vertical plates, like stairs, and is used in escalators but a pallet has only a horizontal plate, laid beside others and is used in moving walks. The standard guidelines for the escalator steps and moving walk pallets are as below:
  • The step tread surface must have a maximum tolerance of ± 1°.
  • Tread surfaces must provide suitable foothold for user safety.
  • The step and pallet thread surface must have grooves in the direction of movement, which pass through the comb teeth.
  • Step risers must be cleated and the surface of the cleat must be smooth.
  • The cleating of the step riser must mesh with the previous steps tread ends.
  • Step treads, step risers or pallets must not have grooves on the finishing of side edges.
  • The edge between the surface of the step tread and riser must have any sharpness relieved.
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