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  • June 29, 2020
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Escalators and Moving Walks Based on the Installation Environment

Escalators and moving walks divide into three categories based on their area of installation:


Indoor escalators and moving walks are suitable for closed environments, where there is control over the ambient temperature. Therefore, these types of escalators and moving walks are not subject to elements such as rain and snow.

Semi Outdoor

Install these types of escalators and moving walks outside the building; nonetheless, they have roofs above them to protect against the direct downpour of rain and snow. Obviously, since these escalators and moving walks are outside the building, they are not in a temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, in comparison to the indoor escalators, they have some additional optional extras, based on the geographic location of the installation environment. Examples of these optional extras include coolers, which cools down the device in high-temperature situations, or heater, which heats the device in low-temperature conditions.
To enhance the performance of the escalators and moving walks, based on the geographical location and customer requirements, there are specific optional extras to choose from.

Fully Outdoor

Install these escalators and moving walks outside the building without any roof or other overhead covers. As a result, they are completely subject to the elements, such as rain, snow, etc. These types of products will have a vast set of features, i.e. lubrication-free rollers, water, and oil drainers, etc. Even though this type of device is capable of functioning in all weather conditions, the standards recommend that they have a roof over them for safety concerns. For example, in case the escalator or moving walk that do not have a roof, passengers may have to use them with their umbrellas spread over their heads in rainy or snowy conditions. This may cause them to lose balance or fall.
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